Friday, August 28

I got my latest book purchases yesterday, I am super excited to read them all.

I bought them online at The Reading Room. She sells old and used books for a very affordable price, and all the books are in excellent condition.

I am already on my 4th chapter of Blame it on Paris. ^_^

I am such a Bookaholic! lol

Emilio Pucci Resort 2010

Monday, August 24

LOVE at first sight...

I love the minimal use of color and the clean but feminine look of the collection. I seriously want all of them. Please kill me now, it'll be painful to see them next year without even having a tiniest bit chance of owning one of them. *sigh*

photos by

Catching Up

Last Saturday I got the chance to meet with my College friends again after 5 months of not seeing each other. It was actually Markie's birthday celebration slash treat. We met up at EDSA Shangri-la to have an early dinner at Secret Recipe. I ordered a set meal that costs P199 - Minestrone Soup, Lasagna with Bread, Iced Tea and a slice of cake. Its quite a lot for that price so I can say that it is worth it, although I find the lasagna full of beef rather than equal amounts of beef and pasta.

After the meal we watched UP a movie by Disney and Pixar. Its really heartwarming, its nice to watch movies like that once in a while. The cinema is jampacked with kids, some of them talking out loud during the film hahaha.

After the movie we went to Ortigas at Side Bar for booze. Its a nice cozy place in El Pueblo. We drank Zombie, Mai Tai and Daiquiri and ate Sisig, Potato Skins and Calamari. Too bad I cannot stay longer since I have a curfew (I know right?) at around quarter to 11 pm Kin and Jac drove me to Trinoma to meet my parents.

Even though I only got to spend 6 hours with them, I still had a lot of fun. Its nice to catch up with old friends once in a while. Markie said that there will be a Part 2 - the planned party version, I am definitely looking forward to that.


Saturday, August 22

Hey! I have just registered myself in BLOGLOVIN! :)

If you find my blog interesting and a fun read you can follow me and be updated with my posts!

Thanks so much! Have a great weekend everyone.

Things to Do

Friday, August 21

I have a lot of things that needs to be done but somehow the list keeps on getting longer everyday!

Its a sign of pure PROCRASTINATION.

Well maybe if I have a workspace like this one I'll be motivated to finish my work faster! lol


Well here is my (shameful) list of THINGS TO DO, hopefully I'll be able to finish it within this year.

* De clutter my room (the HARDEST!)
* Repaint my room (will really do it this year!)
* Finish Layout Plans for Online Shop (URGENT!)
* Place order for Pre-Ordered Clothes (URGENT!)
* Make Mango Mousse Cake
* Take pictures for Online Shop
* Practice Chocolate Mousse in shot glass
* Exercise (as if that's gonna happen)
* Organize my bills
* Make Rail Clickies for Online Shop
* Create brochure for pastry products
* Schedule a shoot for baked goods
* Go UKAY shopping with my friend
* Meet a Client for food tasting

That's all I can think of as of now..

Laura Laine

Thursday, August 20

Isn't she AMAZING? :)

Movie & Book

I love reading as much as I love watching movies.

I remember when I was still in grade school signing autograph books is a major thing. You can usually find quotes, silly ones actually if you think of it now. But there is one quote that I cannot forget:

"Books before Boys"

I can say that I stay true to that quote! I am immersing myself with books and magazines. I find it actually interesting to read. I read then Candy, Seventeen to name a few. Then I discovered Reader's Digest (which is btw a great magazine, very informative as well) we have a subscription so I never fail to read it every month from cover to cover.

I started reading novels when I was in Grade School and those are SWEET VALLEY BOOKS. I have Kids, Twins, Unicorn, High, University, Senior Year. As I mature, the genre of SVU books changes. Then I started to read other novels like Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Devil wears Prada etc.

Francine Pascal is responsible for my love for reading. :)

As of the moment I am reading Love the One You're With by Emily Griffin. I am halfway through so I cannot say if its a good book or not, but I will let you know once I am finished reading.

Over the weekend I also found the Sex and the City Extended Cut version ON SALE! I've always wanted to buy that but being a "kuripot" (thrifty) me, I usually wait until the item is on sale before I purchase it. I cannot resist when I saw that its P300 only - the original price is P700. I have to buy it, and luckily I did.

Grandpa's 80th Birthday

Tuesday, August 18

My Grandpa / Lolo celebrated his 80th Birthday last Saturday but the PARTY was held last Sunday - August 16, 2009 at Sangkalan Restaurant in Quezon City.

I volunteered myself to make the desserts - as usual. I wanted it to be much better than my Dad's birthday last year - which I also made the desserts. Its my first time to create a dessert buffet at my Dad's birthday so its kinda amateurish. So I said to myself in my Grandpa's birthday I will make it as good as I can. lol

I decided to make CHEESECAKE on a Shot Glass for a change since most of my relatives haven't seen those yet. But instead of having a Graham Crust I just put layered cheesecakes - I am on a time crunch.

I make cupcakes instead of 3 layered cakes, with flavors chocolate and vanilla. I used butter cream frosting in color Aqua Blue. Its cute! :)

Its also my first time to make a fondant cake from scratch with a real cake. Before I only use STYROFOAM for the base since its much easier to manipulate and design than a real cake. I find it hard to design a cake for MALE than a FEMALE. Its more fun and arty for the female. I wanted a car so there, its not pretty but its OKAY. Also the colorful stuffs were bought and not made by me.

There my AMATEUR Fondant Cake! :) I am proud lol even though it looks like a kid's birthday cake, I still need to practice. I am getting there, just one step at a time.

Enjoy the pictures! :)


Thursday, August 13

I have been neglecting my blog for so long, I am so sorry.

I have been busy with a lot of stuffs lately - Farm Town is not one of the reason, believe me!

What I have been up to?

I have been baking twice a week now, I am supplying a Caterer with bars - brownies, caramel bars, strawberry, ube, buko pandan. Baking is a very laborious and stressful work so usually after baking I am too tired to go online and instead I just hit the sack. The caterer I am talking about is Vicky Mendoza so if you are interested in tasting some of my products you should get her as your caterer.

If you are from Manila/Bulacan you can also browse my online pastry catalog.


I am also visiting a store in Tiendesitas where I consign some of the clothes that I sell from my online shop. If you are near Tiendesitas please drop by at SHOPSUI in Fashion Village.

Over the weekend we've just bought VCDs and DVDs, my brother and I cannot resist since we're both MOVIE BUFFS. We always check out CDs on sale everytime we go to the mall. Those CDs cost like P1300 only since they're all BUY ONE TAKE ONE. Who couldn't resist that?

LASTLY, I am now addicted to UKAY SHOPPING! I found some great UKAY stores in multiply. Here are some of my purchases. The pink and gold were both boleros ala Zara that I cannot resist I have to have them both. The gray is a cover up with long sleeves. And the black is a knitted cover up too with long sleeves. I am getting ready for the rainy season! lol


Urban Outfitters

Saturday, August 8


My favorite Online Shop in the world!

I love all of their clothes - I'm gonna die drooling.

Too bad I can't afford most of them and the shipping cost to my country will be so huge, I might faint!

Well, I still can window shop right? :)

That's what I am doing right now.. lol

Here are my picks:


Colonial Madness by LD Tuttle Suede Sandal

Deena & Ozzy Studded Cutout Heel

Cuff Foldover Boot

Deena & Ozzy Peeptoe Wedge Boot


Silence & Noise Pastel Moto Vest

Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan Sail Suit Blazer

BDG Denim Moto Vest

Silence & Noise Stud Muffin Vest

Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Jumper

Silence & Noise High Waisted Harem Pant

Silence & Noise Cropped Trouser

Kimchi Blue Printed Tie Front Knit Pant


Circa 78 Wildflower Necklace

Metallic Flower Bib Necklace

UO Brass and Leather Necklace

Large Beaded Bracelet

Zipper Teeth Wrap Bracelet

Woven Bracelet

UO Chain Bracelets

Studded Leather Bracelets