Julie & Julia

Sunday, July 26

Another movie that I cannot wait to see! :)

I found 2 movie posters -which is better?

I personally like the first one better, its funny! And the egg's (egg beater) facial expression is classic! lol

I love both Meryl Streep and Amy Adams so I am really looking forward to watch this film!

And lets not forget that the story is about COOKING! :)

I remember ALMOST buying Dorie Greenspan's book Baking with Julia, but I bought Paris Sweets

instead since I am a huge fan of Parisian Desserts especially the Macarons - which by the way is not found on the book. lol

I have to start saving up now for Baking with Julia! :)

Enjoy the Trailer! :)

* I actually inquired at Le Cordon Bleu France for their Culinary and Baking Courses. Its just that its very expensive to study abroad - but the thought of it excites me! I am not giving up on that idea though, its one of my goals before I die! I am still receiving emails from LCB regarding their programs, and also one time they invited me on a conference in Manila its just unfortunate that I wasn't able to attend because I have classes then.



Saturday, July 25

Ever since MJJ died I have been hearing his songs from the TV and the radio. Then suddenly I hear "The way you make me feel" and I was like, that's one of the songs at the ballet recital in Centerstage. Then I rummaged through my stuffs to look for that movie CD because I suddenly have an "itch" to watch it. The power of MJ's music! :)

I'va watched that movie hundreds of times already, it is one of my favorite films of all time. It made me wonder why didn't my parents enrolled me to a ballet class then? Well maybe because I didn't show any interest in the craft or simply because it is pricey and there are no ballet school near our place. But everytime I watch that film I kept on having that "what if" feeling. *sigh* I must have been dancing with Lisa Macuja-Elizalde by now!

I just tell myself that I'll let my future daugther experience it!
But I won't turn into Mrs. Cummings! :)

Here are some pictures from the movie. Enjoy! :)


Alice in Wonderland

Thursday, July 23

I cannot wait! :)

Enjoy the TRAILER.


Bon Apetit - Pizza

I love cooking and baking but these days I haven't have time to cook.

All I do now is BAKE, I have a small MTO Pastry Business.

Last night I got the chance to cook PIZZA - my fave!

I bought a ready to bake crust hehehe and I just prepared the toppings. This pizza is another experiment, I want a pizza does not have tomato sauce as a base for a change. I wanted to make pesto but I don't have fresh basil leaves so I improvised and used dried instead! lol

I mixed Olive oil, crushed Garlic, Salt, dried Basil leaves in a bowl and let it rest for 15 minutes for the flavors to fully incorporate. Then I prepare the shrimps & bacon. I arranged the pizza by spreading the Basil mixture on top of the crust, then assembling the shrimp and bacon, then I topped it with grated Cheddar cheese for a change. I usually use Parmesan and Mozzarella so I decided to use a different cheese this time. I baked it for 15 minutes. That's it! :) Its very easy to make.

Here are some pictures:

before baking

during baking

after baking

Enjoy! :)

xoxo Punky

Project Headbands

I have always been mentioning on my TWITTER page that I am currently working on some projects and one of them are the headbands.

I am (still) on my 7th Headband! :(

I am really lazy finishing them, I need a motivation!

I bought materials last Monday for me to be able to finish them ASAP.
Well, good luck to me! :)

Btw, here is a Sneak Peak. You can also see some of them on my Chictopia page.


Valentino Couture Fall 2009

Friday, July 10

Gasp Gasp Gasp

Love the silhouettes very much!

And those crazy elegant shoes? J'adore! :)


Chanel Couture Fall 2009

My TOP 3!

My fave is the last one! :)


Victoria & David Beckham for Armani

Friday, July 3

I cannot believe when I saw it!

My gosh! :)

Two Words: Major Hotness!

I adore them as a couple, very much.

What do you think?